Destiny Secondary School

A school committed to achieving excellence by continuous improvement of its programmes, services and processes. Offering a superior education to students is perhaps the most important factor in creating a successful future for generations that will have to cope with a rapidly changing environment.

Working Together

Providing a safe environment in which teachers and students build healthy relationships and develop a common understanding and vocabulary for expectations and school culture.

On Campus

Destiny Secondary School’s campus creates a stunning backdrop for all that happens within the University.

OUR Vision

To become the leading secondary school in academics and extracurricular activities by disseminating knowledge on all round education values.

OUR Mission

Committed to ensuring that all students graduate with the knowledge and skills required to succeed as contributing citizens in the 21st century


Building a vibrant community of creative and accomplished people

Learning in session
The homelike quality of our school contributes to a relaxed, focused experience for the child.
All students benefit from promoting inclusiveness, raising awareness of intercultural education, and approaching instruction with cultural sensitivity.
Destiny Secondary School charges a single, comprehensive, and affordable fee so that the parents can budget for the child's education.
art club
Vibrant Clubs in which learners find a sense of belonging and actively participate in activities that enhance learning
The Destiny Secondary School sports and games program consists of many sports teams, facilities, and dedicated student athletes, coaches, staff members, and supporters.
school project
The school has a variety of projects it has worked on, some of which include the newly built Main Hall that is to be commissioned soon.

Our Difference

We've achieved an enviable reputation for research and teaching excellence.

Extra Activities

Extracurricular pursuits demonstrate a student's capacity for sustained engagement, passion, and initiative to advance their education beyond the classroom.

Academic Department

Our proficiency-based learning and academic policies ensure that all students leave as highly literate and skilled graduates.

Sick Bay

Sick Bay for Students as a Nurse-Managed Project is under fundraising.

Why Choose Us?

A choice that makes the difference.

Our Teachers

Teachers are highly qualified professionals who guide our students toward academic success.

Computer Laboratory

We need to establish a cutting-edge ICT laboratory and increase computer literacy among students to improve the quality and quantity of education-related services.

Quality Library

Build a state-of-the-art library to encourage students to read more. Upgrading and expansion of the school library."


100% of students are employed immediately after graduation


Project-based learning & opportunities to work directly with enterprises


Opportunities to transfer to top technology academies