Department Teacher

Name: Ovon Mugisa

Geography is an intergrated study of the earth’s places, societies, enviroments and landscapes.
Geographers study, analyse and record knowledge about siginificant patterns of people and natural phenomena and relate these characteristics to human activities.

Geography is one of the compulsary subjects at 0-level (senior 1-4) . In the advanced level (sinior 5-6), it becomes optional depending on what combination one offers. Such combinations that have geography as one of the principle subjects include: HEG, DEG,LEG ,MEG ,HDG, HLG, HED/G ,HEL/G , etc.

The above combinations are obtained basing on one’s performance at o-level. For one to offer geography at A-level, he/she should have scored either a Distinction (D1 or D2) or a strong credit pass (C3 or C4) at o-level.
At O-level, there are two examinable papers of geography (1&2). Paper 1 is called “East Africa” Which has section A with objectives , B with map work & photographic interpretation & C with field work and theory—Examination code is 273. Paper 2 is called “The Rest of Africa” which has section A with question on Africa, B with North America & C with Rhine Lands.

At A-level there 3 papers (1, 2 & 3).
Paper 1 is called, “Physical geography” which has 3 sections.

  • Section A has map work (compulsory),
  • Section B has geomorphology and
  • Section C has climatology, vegetation an soils.

Paper 2 is called “world problems” which has 2 sections

  • section A has statistics (compulsory) and
  • section B with theory.

Paper 3 is called “Regional geography of uganda” . It has 2 sections,

  • section A has field work which is (compulsory) and
  • B has theory. Examination code.