Department Teacher

Name: Mwesigwa Christopher


Mathematics should be visualized as the vehicle for aiding a student to think, reason, analyze and articulate logically. Apart from being treated as a subject of its own, Mathematics should be related to any subject involving analysis and reasoning. Aims To help the student:
  • develop manipulative and computational skills.
  • understand basic fundamental concepts and their applications.
  • acquire skills of clear mathematical expression and logical mathematical reasoning.
Objectives To enable the student to:
  • develop interest in Mathematics and appreciate both its beauty and as an aid to other disciplines.
  • develop an understanding of the relationship between mathematical variables.
  • acquire knowledge and understanding of the terms, symbols, concepts, principles, processes and proofs. develop the necessary skills to work with: mathematical tables. calculators. computers; where available.
  • develop the ability to interpret algorithms for problem-solving.
  • apply mathematical knowledge and skills in solving everyday life problems.