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Procedure for Disciplining Students

A student found or reported to have breached any of these regulations shall, in the first instance, be asked to explain himself or herself in writing. Thereafter, the case will be handled by the appropriate disciplinary authority depending on the gravity of the offensive behavior. The steps below will only be implemented once a written statement has been obtained from the accused student.

His or her case shall be investigated by the prefects and/or teachers in charge.
Depending on the weight of the breach, the case may be presented to the student’s disciplinary committee or the disciplinary committee for further consideration.
A hearing shall be arranged at which the students shall be given an opportunity to defend themselves.
Thereafter, recommendations will be made by the committee handling the case.
If a student feels dissatisfied with the findings of the committee, he or she may appeal to the relevant higher authority. For example, a student may appeal to the D.C. if his or her case was handled by the Prefects Disciplinary Committee (P.D.C.).
The appropriate disciplinary authority shall proceed to cause the penalty to be executed.

Every Student reporting to school at the beginning of each term shall produce the original admission report, in the case of new entrants, or the previous term’s report, in the case of continuing students. Any student who does not fulfill this requirement will be denied access to school.
Every student’s and parent’s personal belongings shall be inspected to ensure that the student has adequate personal provisions as spelled out from time to time and to verify that they do not include prohibited items. Any student who declines this inspection or willfully accesses the dormitory without having his or her property inspected shall be suspended for a duration not exceeding two weeks.

The school is an environment conducive to learning, so items that require student attention and focus are prohibited. No student is allowed to use pornographic materials, electronic devices like mobile phones, radios, CD players, musicians musical instruments, or any other audio or video recording or playing devices.

The possession and use on the school premises of combustible materials, matchboxes, candles, kerosene lanterns, stoves, and the like is prohibited, except under supervised or experimental conditions.

Penalty: Indefinite suspension pending the decision of the Board of Governors (BOG). Or police the action. They shall be confiscated and will not be returned to the student.

4. Every student shall surrender the school copy of the paid in bank slip to bursar who will in turn issue the student with a duly signed and stamped clearance form to allow the student to proceed to the dormitory, dining hall and classroom.

Penalty: Suspension from for a duration not exceeding 3 weeks.
5. All student must report on the opening day of the term before 6: 00 pm .Anyone reporting after 6:00pm will be sent back home.



Full school uniform shall be worn during daytime class hours and at any other school functions designated as requiring a uniform , such as during school trips or on visitation day . All students shall buy uniforms from school in order to ensure uniformity. No student shall be allowed to modify his or her uniform in anyway. Sagging trousers/ skirts, unbecoming label, any other misuse of the uniform shall attract an instant punishment.

Penalty: Receiving a warning letter that is witnessed by the parent, manual Labor, or a definite suspension(1-4 weeks) from school. A new set of uniform shall be purchased in case a student.

Casual uniform, as stipulated during the student admission process, may be worn when class- time uniform isn’t necessary, except for sporting activities.

Penalty: Working on the school compound, and or writing an apology letter that is filed in the student‘s record.

Every student is required to participate in at least one organized sports activities of his/ her choice for which the appropriate sportswear shall be born.

Penalty: working on the school premises, and, or writing an apology letter that is kept on file.

All student shall have well- trimmed short hair that without any treatment or plaits. Jewelry (except simple wrist watches, catholic medals or rosaries), Lipstick and nail varnish shall not be worn at school or any school outing. Non-uniform attire s prohibited at school.

Any fancy or outlandish wear, including hats, baseball caps, tattoos and the, like are prohibited

Penalty: Offenders shall be sent home for their parents / guardian, and or, suspended from school for (1 -4 weeks).

All students must manage and plan their time accordingly. Late coming and, or failure to do the right thing in the right place and at the fight time shall be regarded as an act of indiscipline.

Penalty: Relevant authorities , such as perfects and teachers shall have the discretion to impose punishments ranging from hard labor, issuing a warning that is witnessed by the a parent /guardian, and suspending the student from school ( including indefinite suspension).
Dormitory and class prefects on duty are responsible for switching on and off the lights in the dormitories and classroom, respectively, at the scheduled time. Total silence shall be observed after lights out.

Penalty: Hand Labor, and, or definite (1- 4weeks) or indefinite from school.

Silence is golden, and must be observed at all times. Noise making on verandas, any study area and in dormitories is a sign of dis respect for others. It is therefore prohibited. Total silence shall be observed after lights out.

Penalty: Hard Labor, and or definite (1-4weeks)or indefinite suspension from school.

To ensure harmony and unity in a multi- lingual community, students are required to use the English language for all communication, save for when they are learning other languages.

Penalty: Hand labor and filing an apology letter. Repeat offenders may be suspended from school (1-4weeks).

Student must abide by all rules and regulations of the school as lay from time to time. They must respect and obey the school administration, teacher non teaching staff and other persons in positions of responsibility, particularly prefects.

Penalty: Definite (1-4weeks) or indefinite suspension school.
No student shall tease, bully, fight or insult another student or member of the community. Teasing and bullying are understood to include physical and /or verbal attacks, stealing property, to engage in unlawful acts and forcing the victim to do things he / she would not wish to do even if those acts are generally permissible or in order , e.g. Singing.

Penalty: One or a combination of an indefinite, meeting the cost of treating the affected student (s), replacing the damaged property of the affected students, and police action.

Any student, who takes, attempts to take or knowingly receives stolen school or personal property without the premises of the owner, shall be held liable for the act(s). Students shall not surrender their property under threat or undue influence from another.

Penalty: Indefinite suspension from school.

No student is allowed to cause or attempt to cause malicious damage to school property; e.g. writing on desks, walls toilets, breaking desks and window panes , defacing school property, tampering with fire extinguishers, electricity or any other installation. Offenders shall face one combination of the penalties indicated against this rule .

Student shall seek the written permission of the head teacher to go outside the school premises, for whatever reason.

Penalty: Indefinite suspension from school.
Where permission has been granted, the following must be observed:

The Head teacher and student will enter the applicable particular in permission book which they will both sign;
A sighed and stamped permission card / movement authorization chit will be issued to student ;
The particular on the card as well as the time of exit will be entered into record book at the gate.
On return , the student shall show the permission card to security personal at the gate , ensure that his / her arrival date and time are property recorded at the gate , and finally report his/ her return to the issuing authority where the card shall be surrendered .
Penalty: indefinite from school.

Staff quarters are out of bound to all students without the prior written permission of the member of staff concerned or the teacher on duty, except in cases of emergencies where any student leader may access any staff member’s residence for purposes of reporting the emergency.

Penalty: Definite (1-4weeks) or indefinite suspension from school.

No student is allowed to be in possession. Take/ consume or be under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, narcotic drugs or any intoxicating substance.

Penalty: Indefinite suspension from school.

Student of the opposite sex may not engage in boy-girl relationship nor be together in seclusion.

Penalty: Indefinite suspension from school.

Student s of opposite sex isn’t allowed to hug, embrace or engage in any physical contact that can be construed as inappropriate by the school authorities. Students of the opposite sex aren’t allowed to escort one another after preps.

Penalty: Indefinite or definite suspension, and or, police action.

All students must attend punctually all class including morning and evening preps, test, and examination except when written permission has been obtained from school nurse or anyone in an appropriate position of authority. No student shall be allowed in the dormitories, balconies and stairways during lessons or preps. On public holiday, student s may engage I n sports only after 11:00am.

Penalty: One or a combination of hard labour; filling an apology letter or definite suspension from school (1-4 weeks)

No desk, chairs tools shall be taken by any student from the designated area of use furniture, unless under the direct instruction or supervision of an authorized person, such as the furniture master. Such furniture shall then be speedily returned to its rightful place once the purpose for which it was moved has been served .

Penalty: Repair or replacement of the damaged furniture that was moved without authorized

Library services are open to all students and maximum silence must be observed. Unauthorized borrowing, stealing, mishandling and destruction of any library are prohibited.

Penalty: Regalement of the damaged or missing materials, and or definite (1-4 weeks) or indefinite suspension from school. And/ or/ hard labour.

Students shall seek the help of the teacher or laboratory technician whenever they encounter problems with computer hardware and/or software and are strictly prohibited from attempting to reset computers of their own. Misuse of the internet by indulging in profanity, pornography, receiving and sending pornographic messages is prohibited.

Penalty: Payment for the repair/ replacement of any damaged software/ hardware, or indefinite suspension from school.

All laboratories shall be under the direct supervision of a qualified and authorized person at all times the students are expected to be there.

No student shall use laboratory chemicals and apparatus for users other than for instructional; purposes for which they are intended.

Penalty: Monetary or physical compensation/ replacement of the damaged materials/ equipments, indefinite suspension, and /or police action.

Students shall observe all the rules and guidelines given from time to time by various departments in the school. Different departments shall periodical check the students notes to ensure that they maintain accurate records of all content taught during the course study.

Penalty: Hard labour, and/ or definite (1-4 weeks) suspension from school.

No students shall engage in examinations mal practices as defined by UNEB.

Any student found or caught proved cheating during / at examinations shall penalized,

Penalty: indefinite suspension from school. Examinations malpractices include, but are not limited to ; Smuggling of an authorized materials into the examination room. Copying from one another [COLLUSION]. External assistance given by the teacher s and / any other persons. Prior knowledge of examination question. Impersonation behavior e.g. making noise disobeying supervises and invigilators Substitution of examination scripts during or after examination.
Irregularity e.g. taking a long time than that stipulated on the question paper to sit examination or one candidate using different names. Tearing the answer booklet /script into loose sheets, or folding the script in anyway.

Every parent is expected to his / her son / daughter on official visitation day, which is once a term and is announced well in advance, for purpose of checking on the student’s academic progress and wellbeing.

The school reserves the right to deny access to any visitor that it deems unfit to be exposed to the students. For example, admission may be denied to visitors showing signs of intoxication or those dressed in a way that shows a bad example to the respectable learners that are being groomed.

Parents/visitors shall not go to the dormitory areas and into the dormitories, except during official guided tours. Visitors may not be escorted beyond the school compound and shall leave by 5:30pm. Students breaching this rule may be suspended from school since they will have left the school premises without permission.

Parents/guardians may visit the school t other time during office hours to check on students ‘performance but they must not brig drinks and edibles.

Penalty: Food substances shall be confiscated at the gate and destroy. Students who smuggle food/drinks into the school shall be suspended(1-4 weeks).

Students shall value life and property and know how to protect it through being cautious and sensitive to any possible danger and loss. Students shall cooperate and respond to any emergency by following the guidelines and instructions from those in authority.

Penalty: Indefinite suspension or police action.

Students must observe hygiene and should only use the appropriate ablution facilities for bathing and toilet needs and dispose of other wastes as provided for.

Borrowing and sharing clothes, shoes, or money is prohibited.

Penalty: One or a combination of hard Labour, definite suspension (1-4 weeks), or replacing the damaged/lost property.

All students must partake of school meals as no private cooking is allowed.

Food must not be taken to the dormitories. A list of the sick must be handed over to the caterer for their food to be taken to the sickbay.

Penalty: Hard Labor or definite suspension (1-4 weeks) for repeat offenders.

All pre- existing health related problems must be reported to the school nurse at the beginning of each term together with the supporting diagnosis and prescriptions for their management during the term.

The school’s sickbay provides simple diagnostic services and treatment for common ailments like flu, cold, and malaria. The head teacher, upon the advice of the school’s medical personnel, may send a child home for further management in case that student has a condition that cannot be treated/ managed from school, or the available treatment option aren’t producing the desired results.

It is the head teacher office only that communicates to parents about serious cases of sickness, and not individual students.

All those students who may be admitted to the sickbay must have written permission from the school nurse and should report the sickbay with their beddings. No students shall attend to by the school nurse during class hours unless that student has a written note from a teacher or a person in authority.

Penalty: One or a combination these applicable punishments, such as writing on apology letter, hard Labor, replacing or repairing any damaged property during that unauthorized within the sickbay, and, or definite suspension(1-4 weeks)

Students can buy their day to day necessities only from the school canteen during the stipulated time i.e. break time, launch-time and after classes. Accordingly, students shall not engage in any form of trade or commercial transactions in school and with outsiders.

For instance of doubt, “outsiders” in the above rule shall include day students as well. For official outings, students’ shopping of edibles is prohibited.

Penalties ; Can include confiscation and destruction of the food/drink items, being sent for a parent/guardian, and, definite suspension.

Students shall deposit all cash holdings in excess of shs.5000/= with the bursar’s office for safe keeping.

Penalty; Hard Labour, filing an apology letter, and,or definite suspension from school (1- weeks).


Games and sports are compulsory. Every student, except those exempted by the head teacher on medical grounds or on account of a disability, shall participate in at least one organized game or sport and shall periodically inform his/her class teacher and the in charge of sports what games or sport is.

Penalty: Apology letter written in the presence of the parents/ a guardian, hard Labour, and or, definite suspension (1-4 weeks) for repeated breaches of the rule.

Every student must participate in at least one organized club or society activity for which a patron has been approved by the head teacher.

Penalty: Similar to Rule 37 above.


All students must attend services/prayer sessions organized by the school. Morning and evening communal prayers and grace before and after meals are compulsory. All school activities, such as morning class sessions, commence with prayers in order to place God at forefront of everything done within the school. Unnecessary movement and noise-making during spiritual events constitutes an offence that shall be punished.

All spiritual activities are under the supervision of the school chaplain assisted by the teacher in- charge of the spiritual affairs.

Penalty: Hard labour. Indefinite suspension for gross misconduct during prayer sessions.

Students shall exhibit a high sense of moral and social responsibility both in and out of school. On outings and during holidays they are expected to put into practice the knowledge and guidance they have received throughout their stay at school.

Unbecoming behavior which puts the images of the school in disrepute is prohibited.

Penalty: Indefinite suspension.


To create a positive attitude towards the dignity of manual labor, every student must take part in the cleaning of the school compound, classes, toilets and dormitories and in food preparation.

Penalty: Writing apology letter in the presence of a parent/ guardian, and, or, hard labor.

In accordance with the Education Act 2008, students shall be involved in school organized community work outside the school at least once a month.

Penalty: Similar to rule 41 above


In case of a common problem affecting a group of students, five representative students’ leaders, such as prefects, class captains or councilors shall be selected to select to represent the aggrieved group of students.

These representatives shall courteously air out their grievances to the relevant authority in a manner that isn’t confrontational. Mob action in communicating grievances shall not be tolerated.

Penalty: Writing an apology letter in the presence of a parent/guardian, and/or definite/indefinite suspension from school/police action.
Individual students are also free to air their grievances in an organized manner through the established channels such as the school council, house meetings, class meetings, suggestion boxes and other civilized and recognized avenues within the school.

Penalty: Indefinite suspension, and, or police action.

Students are expected to use the channels stipulated in rule 44 above in case they have any complaints that they feel must be addressed. Any student who ignores those channels and leads/participates in a strike/demonstration commits a grave offence.

Penalty: One or a combination of replacing/paying for any damaged property, indefinite suspension from school, police action.


No student shall miss a school function or assembly except with the permission of the nurse/teacher on duty and any student who violates this rule shall be liable to punishment as will be determined by the D.C

A student shall not use private medical facilities/drugs unless the parent/guardian provides written notification to the medical personnel in the school.

All students shall return home with their property at the end of each term. The school shall not be accountable for any loss incurred in case a student’s property remains at school during holidays.

Any student who conceals a pregnancy or abortion shall be liable to an indefinite suspension.

Banked school fees shall not be refunded. The following schedule shall guide any fees refunds that may be done for special circumstances. These circumstances shall be evaluated on a case by case basis by the head teacher.

Any student suspended due to indiscipline will get no school fees refund.

The telephone booth shall be used during launch time and after classes but not during class time or preps. Anyone who contravenes the rule shall be punished.

NB: Any unbecoming/offensive conduct which isn’t stipulated in these rules shall be handled at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee.