Department Teacher

Name: Mr. Muhanuzi Alex


– Biology equips the students with knowledge on biodiversity, morphology and anatomy of their bodies and other species, physiology and biochemistry.

It also explores special topics like origin of life, Evolution and Genetics plus Ecology.

Biology is a compulsory subject from S1-S.4. A level students’ combinations with Biology include PCB, BCM and CAB. This is to provide a rich knowledge background for students who wish to study pharmacy, Human medicine, Veterinary medicine, Agriculture, Radiography, medical laboratory technology and food science and technology.


– The department keeps white rats for A level biology lessons. It also intends to start a pond for rearing of toads and a botanical garden for unique plant species.


Chemistry is one of the core compulsory science subjects on Uganda’s National curriculum. At Destiny Secondary School it is offered by all O-level students. At A-level, it is one of the principal subjects in the major science combinations; (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), (Physics Chemistry, Mathematics) and (Chemistry Agriculture Biology).


The main activities include; introducing Learners to the world of chemicals, preparing Laboratory class experiments that make concepts easy and interesting, holding seminars, ensuring reliable and valid assessment.