Meet Our Team

Mulangi Ben
Head Teacher
Ben manages the school in a way that fosters a good and suitable learning environment by assisting in providing students with the highest caliber.
Nankabirwa Esther
Director of Studies
As an experienced educator, I have reached numerous students through my passion for teaching. I have presented complex concepts in engaging ways and advised students.
Karungi Sarah
My responsibility involves sending bills and making payment plans; the ultimate goal is to bring all student accounts to "paid off" status.
Natukunda Brenda
Head Of Department - Religious Studies
With a broad team of academics and instructors with skills in many different fields of religious studies specialization.
Kirungi Charity
Head of Department - English
Head of Department: English With eight years of expertise, Charity is qualified to lead the Department in cultivating a passion for the topic.
Kajura Fred
Head Of Department - ICT
Fred works with the leadership and educational teams to establish and carry out the ICT plan.
Jawadu Shaban
Head Of Department of History
Teaching engrossing history lessons on many eras, movements, other historical events, and historical individuals. creating high-quality lesson plans and curricula by critically analyzing.
Mwesigwa Christopher
Head Of Department Chemistry
As head of department, I am responsible for overseeing the teaching that goes on, preparing resources for teaching and learning, and ordering the equipment .
Tom Derrick Kaweesi
Head Of Department - Physics
Create, maintain, and enhance effective relationships, and allocate resources to support effective learning and teaching within the subject area.
Katongole Fahad
Boys Warden
Fahad is dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of students by focusing on students' social-emotional well-being and fostering academic excellence through teamwork and collaboration.
Nakato Agnes
Girls Matron
Agnes is a matron with knowledge and expertise. She handles the female school community's medical care and general well-being and follows up with parents.
Sekayita Julius
Head of Cafeteria
Julius provides nutritious, balanced, and value-for-money meals to children every day in term time.